In Love & Matchmaking

A few years ago I thought my life was complete. I was living with my childhood sweetheart near to my friends and family, in good health and earning good money doing a job I enjoyed.

One day I got home from work to find that my partner had left me. All of her personnel belongings had gone. There was no note or telephone call, nothing. I had seen no signs that Cheryl had been unhappy. I was heart-broken!

My friends and family tried their best to help me, but my life just felt mundane. Going to work, going for drinks in the same pubs, going home to an empty house. I felt lonely and I felt like there was something missing in life. I decided to go travelling. I worked for myself as a landscape gardener, so could afford to plan projects so that I could take time off if I saved up enough whilst working and rented out my flat whilst I was away. I did this for a couple of years and travelled to the US, throughout South America and Australia. I became hooked on travelling. I loved visiting new places, learning about new cultures, tasting new food and meeting new people. The only thing that was missing for me was a special someone to share the experiences with.

Fortunately whilst planning my next trip, this time to Thailand, a friend recommended a dating site called ‘Solothai’. My friend had tried it himself a few months earlier and had met a beautiful Thai lady from Koh Samui, who he still meets as often as he can. I took his advice and joined as a site member, and arranged my trip to Thailand. I was met by a Solothai representative at the airport who took me to my hotel. The next day I was introduced to Wa. I stayed in Thailand for ten days and travelled around the area. The experience was unforgettable as Wa and I are still together, and our wedding day in Wa’s home village was the best day of my life!